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Turkey has seen explosive growth in foreign property investment over the last 3 years which has led to property and land prices, especially in the coastal regions rising by up to 200% (and some areas more than this).
Many investors compare Turkey with how Spain was 20 years ago, and we all know about Spanish property prices now.
There are several reasons for this influx of foreign property buyers.
Prices - even with the large increases in price over the last few years, Turkey still has some of the lowest property prices in Europe.
You can still purchase a villa below £60,000 or an apartment for much less.
Climate - coastal Turkey offers an excellent year round climate. Mild winters, gorgeous spring and autumn and hot summers.
E.E.C. - Turkey has applied to become a member of the E.E.C.(if membership is granted, property prices will soar).
Infrastructure - Turkey is investing heavily in transport links and communications.
Economy - Over the last few years the economy has stabilised and Turkey is now (according to the World Trade Organisation) one of the 20 most dynamic countries in world trade.
Holiday Destination - Turkey is now a major European holiday destination, which gives an excellent opportunity to realise very good rental returns on property.
Local prices - for food and local services, prices are very low compared to the rest of Europe.Eating out is very inexpensive and the food is normally superb.
Remember that there are 3 great cuisines in the World.French, Chinese and Turkish.
Crime - One of the lowest crime rates in the World.
Lastly, the people. The friendliest and most hospitable people in the world.
All of the above make Turkey one of the best places to invest in property at this time.



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